Do You Really Need a Receipt?

Posted by Tek POS Paper on Nov 26th 2019

From a business point of view, paper receipts simply make sense. They’re more efficient, more reliable, and more convenient for you and your customers. Here are just a few of the things paper receipts … read more

Why Is Thermal Paper Still Used in Today’s World?

Posted by Tek POS Paper on Nov 20th 2019

Thermal paper was invented by the National Cash Register Corporation, and the thermal print head was invented by Texas Instruments in 1965. When it was first invented, thermal paper was mostly used fo … read more

Is Thermal Paper Recyclable?

Posted by Tek POS Paper on Nov 13th 2019

Thermal paper used to be completely unrecyclable; the heat-sensitive coating couldn’t be separated from the paper, and recycling companies didn’t want to add BPA to the mix.But in the modern day, this … read more

Choosing the Right Paper for Your POS System

Posted by Tek POS Paper on Nov 6th 2019

The TEK POS Paper store has paper rolls for every type of printer. If you’re not sure which one to buy, this handy guide will set you on the right path.Paper TypesWe sell paper for nearly every kind o … read more